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The World Of Race Volunteering

Like many non-profit organizations, the Mt Buller Race Club engages in various activities throughout the year that help reduce the cost for participation in the sport and/or enhance the experience for its members. In doing so, a variety of volunteer positions have been identified of which individuals are needed to assist in organizing and/or performing specific duties that help make each activity a success. In most cases, volunteer tasks involve a few hours, a full day and in certain leadership roles can take several days. However it is the philosophy of the club that many hands make light work and that there are many different ways in which individuals can contribute to our overall success.

In general, the club organizes between 7-10 competition events each season.

There are a number of different ways in which individuals can assist and enjoy the thrill of the competition first hand. It is the expectation that each parent who has a child enrolled in a program with the club would be able to help out a minimum of 1 day assisting with the set up and organization of races. Many activities have leadership roles which individuals who have experience and assist in the coordination and direction of other volunteer’s duties.

To learn more about race volunteering and the required positions, click here.

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