Program Policies

Code of Conduct

As a member of Mt Buller Race Club, you are required to comply with the MBRC Code of Conduct and the MBRC Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying Policy. Further, Mt Buller Race Club is a recognised pathway program of the Australian national sporting federation, Ski & Snowboard Australia. Members of Mt Buller Race Club are expected to act according to the SSA Code of Conduct.


Concussion Policy

Several years ago, the MBRC committee adopted a comprehensive concussion policy. It details what to look for and what to do in the event of a suspected concussion. It includes an easy to follow flow chart. In addition, each MBRC coach carries a concussion card with them when working with our athletes, and they all know they must call me if any athlete suffers any injury (especially a potential concussion).


Volunteer Duty Program

With an athlete being a member of any MBRC program, parents agree to volunteer their time and support the club at events. Per MBRC athlete member, parents are required to volunteer for one (1) duty per season. Parents can choose between on-snow duties (ie. gatekeeper, start line-up, start referee, finish referee,etc.) and off-snow duties pre- & post-event (ie. preparing/sorting bibs, volunteer backpacks, etc.).


Helmet & Back brace Policy

Athletes must wear helmet and back brace at all times when skiing/riding within the MBRC training program. No helmet/no back brace = no training.


Training Support Policy

The MBRC Training Support Policy aims to provide flexible training opportunities for selected athletes in order to support their continuous development within our club. This policy will act as a guideline in the decision process as each application will be assessed individually.


Issues Raised By Group Selection Policy

Please view the following document:


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