Cam Bolton URGEs you to get on board

Cam Bolton, Winter Olympic boardercross competitor, trains hard to perfect his technique to ensure his tricks look flawless on the slopes. Technique is one thing; style on the slopes is another. Cam has recently joined forces with URGE Boarding, an exciting new range of snowboarding gear started by young Melbourne entrepreneur Jackson Day.

After placing fifth in the boardercross event at the prestigious X-Games in Aspen and finishing 11th in the Olympic minor final this year, Cam knows the importance of resilient snowboarding gear. With a strong focus on providing practical, durable and stylish clothing, the products from URGE Boarding are tried and tested by Australia’s best in the rough terrain of the slopes, as well as on the streets.

 “I’m really excited to be an ambassador for URGE, it’s great to see keen Australian snowboarders making an impact in other areas of the sport such as gear and apparel,” said Cam.

 “Jackson's products are durable and comfortable, which makes me feel confident and stylish enough to take on whatever the mountain throws at me.”

 Founder of URGE Boarding Jackson Day, a young entrepreneur with a passion for snowboarding has combined his love of the sport with his flair for business. Although the brand is only in its second year, founder Jackson Day says he loves seeing his logo on the gear of talented and respected snowboarders like Cam Bolton.

 “I am thrilled, it’s such an honour to have Cam on board. He is an inspiration for all riders and we are very lucky to be working with him,” Jackson said. 

 “I’m so proud when I take a minute and think about how far the brand has come in such a short time,” Jackson said.

 Cam was tipped to be a finalist in the 2014 Winter Olympic boardercross event, but he broke his wrist after a devastating crash in the semi-final. His fighting spirit urged him on and after treatment from the medics he dusted himself off to finish the minor final. Recovered after his Olympic injuries, Cam has come back to the sport hungry for success. He aspires to be the number one boardercross athlete in the world. 

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