MBRC Snowboard - Hotham 2014 Event Report

MBRC snowboarders just had a big week of racing. After competing at several different events in Hotham, followed by the King of the Mountain in Buller, we finally enjoy a day of rest and recovery.

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On Saturday 9th of August, our first event in Hotham has been a “Banked Slalom”. For most of our riders it has been the first experience in such an event.

The Banked SL has been held in the Gun Barrel, a natural terrain bowl.

Conditions have been tough, as one side of the bowl didn’t soften up and was super bumpy, which has been quite a challenge for the riders.

After some training in the course, everyone had two timed runs, with the faster one to count.

We have seen great racing and some good stacks too.

Great effort from everyone and good results!

Congratulations to the winners!


Junior Girls:

1st place          Mollie Fernandez                  TSC                 51.95

2nd place         Charlotte Batten                    MBRC              52.94

3rd place         Claudia O’Callaghan             MBRC              1:04.95


Junior Male:

1st place          Christian De Oliveira                        MBRC              44.70

2nd place         Carter Mills                            Hotham          48.95

3rd place         Harvey Edmanson                MBRC              49.31


Open Woman:

1st place          Georgia Mylonas                    IND                 53.48

2nd place         Tamaysia Tan                                    IND                 55.22

3rd place         Ruby Brockwell-Walsh         MBRC              55.55





On Sunday the 10th , we had the “Beer Battered Rider Cross”, starting from top of Road Runner Chair Lift. The course was nicely built, with a set of Rollers in the start section, a Jump and several Bank’s.

It has been a great lead up course, for the following ANC event.

Unfortunately Hotham Race Department had several technical problems, which lead to a lot of confusion and false results.

Anyways, our athletes really enjoyed themselves and showed great riding and battles in their heats.

In the end, the race got annulated and results were not posted officially.


On Monday 11th and Tuesday the 12th, our athletes attended the SBX Futures Camp, hosted by SSA.

Our athletes were working on Start techniques, pumping Rollers and riding different lines in Bank’s. They also have been lining up with riders from other programs and mountains and measured themselves in heats.

All our kids showed a lot of enthusiasm and really enjoyed the whole SBX environment.



On Wednesday and Thursday the 13th and 14th, we had the FIS- ANC – Snowboardcross. The course has been rebuilt for this event. The top section, from the Top of Summit stayed the same, whilst the middle part dropped into a steeper speed section, leading into a set of Rollers and a Jump. In the Bottom section, we had a combination of Bank’s with a great chance to overtake.

We have seen great battles and action in the runs and especially in the heats.


For all of our Junior riders, it has been their first ever FIS event. Competing against Olympians Chumpy Pullin, Cam Bolton and Belle Brockhoff, we also had quite an International start field and some strong Aussie riders to battle with.

Our Athletes showed great skills and we can be pleased with the overall results.

Congratulations to everyone attending, also to our Grom’s for doing a great job.



MBRC Results Race 1 – 13/08/2014:


Open men:

12th - Christian De Oliveira

19th - Harry Morrissy

23rd - Alec Gordon

25th - Harvey Edmanson

26th - Samuel Heathcote-Smith

29th - Lachy Marsh


Open ladies:

14th - Ruby Brockwell-Walsh


Grom Girls:

4th - Charlotte Batten

5th - Claudia O’Callaghan

8th - Lucy Roper


Grom Boys:

3rd - Lucas Gordon

4th - Jackson Day






MBRC Results Race 2 – 14/08/2014


Open men:

14th – Harry Morrissy

17th – Christian De Oliveira

23rd – Alec Gordon

24th – Harvey Edmanson

26th – Lachy Marsh

27th – Samuel Heathcote-Smith


Open ladies:

11th – Ruby Brockwell-Walsh


Grom girls:

5th – Claudia O’Callaghan

6th – Lucy Roper


Grom boys:

3rd – Lucas Gordon

4th – Jackson Day



All in all, Hotham has been fun again. We had a great course and beautiful weather during the whole week. Everyone got a lot out of training and racing. No major injuries, apart from Charlotte suffering a light concussion after a battle in her heat in race 1.


After coming back to Mt.Buller, we had another 3 races to go for the King of the Mountain. Results are on this website.

Great racing everyone, great results and really good fun!


Congrats once more and good luck for the events to come,

MBRC coaches team.