MBRC Athlete Management System - First Steps

Below is the information in regards to your first steps in the AMS (online Athlete Management System).
Here you can download the tutorial in pdf version.

  1. Go to mtbullerraceclub.com.au
  2. Click ‘My MBRC’ on the top menu and 'Athlete'
  3. Insert your Login Data
    1. If you login for the first time, use the the athletes first name and last name, separated by a dot. All in small letters, no hyphens or any other symbols (ie. ronald.mcdonald). Your password is the same as your username. If you have any difficulties to sign in, please contact the MBRC office.
    2. After your first login, change your password ASAP. Your username remains the same. You can change the password under ‘My Profile’ > ‘Change Password’
  4. After the login, the Home screen will appear.


My Profile – Top Menu

  1. Select ‘My Profile’ on the top menu and in the drop-down menu choose ‘Edit Details’.
  2. Check the existing data and fill out ALL remaining fields. Please also add some details to the ‘Biography’ section.
  3. Click the green ‘Safe’ button.


My Goals – Top Menu

  1. Choose ‘My Goals’ from the top menu.
  2. Insert your goals for each category and click the green ‘Save’ button after each category. (ie. Fill in physical short term, physical intermediate and physical long term goal and then press Save.)
  3. Coaches will then review the athletes’ goals and will then comment.

My Coach – Top Menu

  1.  Select ‘My Coach’ from the top menu and view the details of your coach.


Training Updates – Top Menu

  1. Select ‘Training Updates’ from the top menu and view the current training updates.
  2. A notification window will appear with the relevant information. Select ‘View All’ at the bottom of the message to view all received notifications.


My Evaluation

  1. Select ‘My Profile’ from the top menu and then ‘My Evaluation’
  2. View your coaches evaluation, in order by date.


My Videos

  1. Select ‘My Profile’ from the top menu and then ‘My Videos’
  2. View your training videos, which have been uploaded by your coach.


If you have technical difficulties in regards to login or using the AMS, please write an Email to [email protected].

If you have content related questions (ie. What goals do I select for myself?), please discuss with your coach or view the provided information on the MBRC website.