MBRC 2014 Club Captain's

MBRC athletes Sabrina Maier and Alex Kilroy got voted by the coaching staff to act as MBRC Club Captain's this season. Sabrina and Alex have been long term members of the club and are now at a mature age to fulfil this position. They have proven to act as a role model and the coaching staff trust in the Club Captain's abilities to support the athletes on- and off-snow.

The club captains are approachable (ie. Alex is a full-time program member, Sabrina is a weekend-program member) and will engage with the athletes in regards to their needs, concerns and questions. The club captains also have the right to advise athletes in regards to their behaviour when training with MBRC and wearing MBRC uniform.

All athletes should feel comfortable to approach our club captain's as they will always listen.

We wish our Club Captain's all the best in their new role!