2014 MBRC Presidents Wrap

Dear MBRC Community, It has been a tumultuous time over the last few weeks as we all anxiously awaited any news on the progress of our good friend, Al, following his serious accident on Mt Buller on Saturday the 20th of September.

Our thoughts are never far from Jules, Yssy and Angus as they deal with the daily ups and downs which mark the day to day progress of Al regaining his health. I am sure everyone has been and will continue to be, hopeful and positive for his ongoing recovery.

The lifts have now stopped turning on what has been a fantastic ski season for the Mt Buller Race Club. Congratulations to each and everyone involved for their contribution to the success of the season. Work has already commenced on planning for the 2015 season including the new 2015 program, 2015 season calendar and new jackets for next year. We should have our 2015 Program ready for release in November, so stay tuned as we are working on some new additions to our existing offerings this year including an off mountain program - should early season snow be problematic.

This year we completed a revamp of the MBRC website to improve communication with our members through automated links with email and social media. In addition, we have incorporated an online athlete reporting module within the website which contains your reports and photographic review from the coaches for the season. If you are having trouble accessing these please contact Sue and she will be able to assist you through the login procedure.

All the good work that you have maintained over the Winter with your dry land training and other sporting commitments needs to keep going. Keep an eye out on Facebook for the latest updates on the SSA dry land training programs which will be conducted by Annie McCormack in Term 4. It’s a great opportunity for you to catch up with your MBRC friends as well as work on your fitness. Fitness benchmark testing will become an increasingly important part of the MBRC program and I would encourage you all to take part in the fitness testing day on Saturday the 25th of October regardless of whether you are participating in the SSA dry land program or are completing your own program. It provides a real comparative insight into where you are with your fitness level.

I have tried to capture all of the results for the season on the following attachments. Well done to everyone concerned. It is important for everyone to remember that results represent a “moment" in time of your life in skiing. There are many variables which impact on your results including time on snow, athletic nature, natural talent, fitness, hard work, dedication and physical development. As a young athlete, you are all developing these attributes in differing proportions and at differing rates and this will result in variable results over time. Remember to keep working hard but more importantly, love what you do.

Alpine Interschool Results

Alpine Off Mountain Racing Results

Alpine On Mountain Racing Results

Snowboard Interschool Results

Snowboard Off-Mountain Racing Results

Snowboard On Mountain Racing Results

Alpine & Snowboard On Mountain SSA Snowracer

Well done also to the recipients of the Coaches and Performance awards for the season.

Coaches Awards

· Alpine Child Romy Abbott & Cameron Berry

· Alpine Junior Kate Price & Mathew Berry

· Snowboard Child Jaime Mawkes & Reece Smart

· Snowboard Junior Caitlin Batten & Harvey Edmanson

Performance Award

· Alpine Child Georgia Von Einem, Warwick Crawford.

· Alpine Junior Ellie Mae Angliss & Doug Crawford.Doug Crawford

· Snowboard Child Mia Clift & Oscar Percy

· Snowboard Junior Mille Bongiorno, Christian DeOliveira

Al Gus Excellence Award

· Christian DeOliveira.

Congratulations and thank you to the Club Captains this year, Sabrina Maier and Alex Kilroy – fine representatives of our club.

Thank you to all the club sponsors for their support this year and ongoing.

To Stoffl, Chris, Mane, Sue and all the coaches, thank you for your hard work over the season. Thanks to all the athletes, parents, volunteers, and committee members for working to make 2014 an incredibly successful season and best wishes with your plans for the Northern Hemisphere season.

That’s a wrap.


Andrew Percy
MBRC President