MBRC Vision/Mission/Values & Goals


As a club, we provide the best ski and snowboard race program in the nation, supporting our athletes reach their full potential in sport and life.


To provide our athletes with continuous development in pursuit of excellence, within clearly structured annual pathways by developing, educating & improving our athlete’s through

  • - Skill development

  • - Performance

  • - Personal Development

  • - Community

  • - Sustainability

We are here to race, and to do our best and succeed as a team.


Skill Development

Continuous skill development of the athlete, based on their developmental age, in the following areas

  • - Technical
  • - Physical
  • - Psychological
  • - Social
  • - Academic (integrating/supporting this element in conjunction with the structured pathway programs)


We provide opportunities and guidance to pursue performance outcomes leading to international success. We strive to support our committed athletes through the full 12 months of the year, and provide guidance to allow them develop to their potential on a clear managed pathway.

Personal Development

Providing an environment that encourages the growth of the individual through

  • - Respect of the individual, our community, our facilities & resources, the mountain and the environment
  • - Commitment
  • - Resilience
  • - Discipline


  • - Teamwork (Participate, train, race and succeed as a team; Focus on the best interests of the group/club, not the individual athlete)
  • - Actively engage the wider snowsports community that share our common goals
  • - To build on our relationships with our program partners, to provide better outcomes for our members

Provide a sense of belonging for current and past members


  • - Financial
  • - Staff retention (Direct Employees & Coaches hired from Buller Ski Lifts Pty)
  • - Membership
  • - Continually strive to provide improved facilities to allow delivery of our program